9 Secrets to Creating Open Communication in the Workplace

In any organization, open communication is the most important single factor for success. This is also essential in creating a positive work environment. Open communication begins by letting everyone in the company know how the company is doing, whether that’s good or bad! If things are going well, it can be a great motivator to continue the great things that are happening. If things aren’t going so well, employees can rally and put in extra effort that will make a difference.

To ensure good communication, use these tips from Velsoft Training Materials’ Creating a Positive Work Environment:

  1. Be honest and direct

Ensure leadership is approachable, and answer questions in a frank and truthful way. This doesn’t mean you have to share all of your knowledge, but never set out to be deceitful.

  1. Respect others

Make sure you are culturally sensitive, and open to other viewpoints. Get to know employees and value honest feedback from them.

  1. Listen carefully to what others are saying

Take an interest in what they say, and also be willing to compromise.

  1. Spend time to understand the question then respond

Don’t make assumptions about what someone is telling you. Ask questions that will help clarify the ideas and emotions of others.

  1. Avoid defensiveness

Express your feelings in an open and non-threatening way.

  1. Be careful of your body language and speaking style

Always be courteous and aware of the image you’re projecting.

  1. Be sure you have something interesting to say

Be consistent and clear in your communications, and include only important information.

  1. Use precise language

This is especially important when not using someone’s first language.

  1. Create opportunities for discussion about the organization’s values

Having conversations about the organization’s standards, philosophy, and mission will ensure all employees are aware of these things, so they can embrace and embody them.

Practice using these secrets to improve communication in your workplace today!

by Carol Dunn from Velsoft